Frequently Asked Questions

Amplify is a secure platform that focuses on providing one-time and recurring payment capabilities to businesses in order to help them thrive. Amplify also provides you with other tools that you need to grow your business online and offline.
Amplify handles recurring/subscription billing in a very seamless manner. This happens directly from the customers debit/credit card. There is NO FUNDING OF WALLET or anything of a complex sort.

Once a transaction is completed, both the merchant and the customer will recieve a notification. We also provide a simple interface from which merchants can manage the subscriptions of their customers.
Yes. We send reminders to your customers a day before their recurring payment is due.
The notification is just to remind them that their account will be automatically debited for your product/service the next day.
When a recurring transaction fails, the system automatically buffers that transaction and retries it 3 more times after the first failure. At each point the system send a notification to both the customer and merchant.
We buffer and retry these failed transactions to reduce churn rate and maximize the merchant's revenue.
Yes. Whenever a reminder is sent to your customers, a link is also included asking them if they wish to opt out of that plan.
For merchants consuming our APIs, you can control this experience by specifying attributes to either allow your customers only cancel their subscriptions from your platform or not.
The first step is to register on the platform. Once that is completed and your information has been validated and confirmed, there are a couple of options, depending on what you want.

For those without a website or you are looking for a less techy way to accept payment, you can create a payment form. This process of creating a payment form automatically generates a payment link that you can share with your clients/customers via email, sms etc. It also generates a "copy and paste" code that can be used to embed the created form on your existing platform.
For developers, Amplify provides an easy to consume RESTful API with rich functionalities and advanced security. Integrating via the API gives developers the power they need. See the API Documentation for more details.
Once registered, you will be required to complete your company profile by filling a short form with details such as your bank name and account number.
After your profile is complete, we will "Validate and Confirm" the information provided - this takes about 3 to 4 hours to complete and you can begin accepting payments.
We process payments form schemes such as Visa, MasterCard, Verve and Amex, irrespective of the type, be it credit, debit or prepaid card.
We also process both local and international issued cards!
No. That is too much friction. They just need to own have a payment card and be your customer.
We thought of people like you also. You can use Amplify, just make this clear by filling your fullname in the field for business name while signing up.
Note: We will still perform a "Validation and Confirmation" process regardless.
You get settled within 24 Hours from the time of transaction. This applies irrespctive of the transaction amount.
It is totally free to integrate Amplify and use our advanced functionalities. However, we charge 2% for Local Transactions and 3.8% for International Transactions.
There is no hiddden charges. Our prices are also negotiable based on your transaction volume. View our pricing page for more details.
Absolutely Not! All customer card details are entered on a secure PCIDSS compliant page provided by our payment processors and issuers. The page is further rendered over SSL and all data are encrypted with the TripleDES (3DES) standard.
This is only available for merchants that are consuming our REST API.

This is simply a function that enables customers who have carried out an initial successful transaction on your website/app to make payments to you without having to enter their card details every time.
Your returning customers can just checkout easily with just a button click.
Do you need a simple and secure way to accept card payments?
Do you need a seamless payment gateway that allows you to automatically bill your recurring customers?
Do you want to accept payments on your website without going through any complex integration?
Do you need to accept card payments without having a website?
Do you want to enable your returning customers to pay for your product/service without them having to enter all their card details again?
Do you want a real time reporting and analytics of your transactions on a simple dashboard?

If you answered yes to any of these questions or you had a rethink about some of the questions, Amplify is for you, don’t second guess yourself!